The Story of Kangaroo Dogs

Kangaroo Dogs was founded in 2016 by Gay Jensen, an entrepreneur with a passion for helping dogs feel happier, healthier, and more vibrant in their daily lives.

Gay’s journey to improve dog health began with a simple act of kindness for a friend fighting cancer. While working alongside a chemist to develop a turmeric supplement to help ease some of her friend’s cancer side effects, Gay was inspired to create a proprietary liquid turmeric supplement using ultrasonic technology to ensure maximum potency. 

At the time of development, Gay had three older dogs who were slowing down and experiencing aches and pains. She didn’t want to rely on repeated visits to the vet and administering medications with unknown side effects. Gay thought it would be a good idea to let her pets try the liquid turmeric, too, since it was all-natural and free of black pepper and fats (which dogs cannot ingest). She began giving it to her dogs regularly and saw noticeable improvements in their health. 

When Gay first created her liquid turmeric for dogs, she didn’t intend to take a product to market. The product worked great, though, and after word got out, someone suggested Gay should sell her liquid turmeric product to help dogs everywhere. 

The rest is history!