Kangaroo Dogs Liquid Joint Supplement: 2-Pack Bundle

Bundle and save! Perfect for dogs of all ages, sizes, and pedigrees, Kangaroo Dogs Organic Liquid Joint Supplement is an all-natural turmeric supplement created using our special proprietary formula and ultrasonic technology to ensure maximum health-boosting benefits. 


Detailed Product Information

  • DOES YOUR DOG HAVE JOINT PROBLEMS? There are countless benefits for using turmeric for arthritis in dogs. The organic turmeric for dogs liquid supplement benefits joint inflammation, arthritis and mobility issues due to age or injury. Watch your dog run with ease again and feel better. No need to hassle with pills or capsules, add our fast absorbing liquid curcumin for dogs to a meal or snack of fast relief.


  • FOR A PAIN-FREE AND HAPPY PET: This natural healing turmeric root for dogs supplement has many amazing benefits. You can use turmeric for dog cysts, tumors, allergies, and inflammatory issues. Turmeric and dogs go together like peas and carrots! Don't waste your time with turmeric tablets for dogs, instead ADD OUR FAST ABSORBING CANINE HEALTH SUPPLEMENT BACKED BY THE AMAZON A-Z GUARANTEE TO YOUR CART TODAY.


  • RAPID ABSORPTION FOR FASTER RESULTS! There are many curcumin supplement for dogs options in the form of powders, tablets and pills, and turmeric paste for dogs. Our turmeric recipe for dogs is the best option because liquid is absorbed quickly by your dog's body, and acts much faster against joint inflammation. Why mess with difficult paste and turmeric capsules for dogs when our liquid turmeric dosage for dogs can easily be added to your pet's favorite snack or food?


  • IT WORKS BECAUSE IT IS ALL NATURAL: The certified ingredients are organic turmeric curcumin (97%), organic tapioca starch, and distilled water. This powerful and effective turmeric for dogs supplement is all natural, organic, and non-GMO. Try turmeric for skin or make your own turmeric dog treats. Golden Wellness Dog uses ultrasonic technology to ensure that this turmeric supplement will improve your dog's overall health, so you can trust us with your pet's nutrition.


  • IMPROVE YOUR DOG'S OVERALL HEALTH: This supplement is a natural inflammatory of dogs remedy, but turmeric for animals will also benefit their immune and digestive systems as well as heart and skin. Experience the many remedies treated by our turmeric curcumin dosage for dogs and help your fur baby enjoy their best life.